Reliable subsurface solutions​

At CamTan Geosolutions we offer geoscience consulting services in oil and gas exploration, development and production. We have years of experience working for major oil and gas and services companies all over the world. We can help you acquire seismic or potential field data, process, interpret, generate and evaluate prospects. Visit our oil and gas services page to see how we can add value to your exploration, appraisal, field development, or reservoir management program.

Additionally we offer short course training in oil and gas exploration, development, and reservoir management. Our rates are very competitive and we come to your office at your convenience. We have courses for beginners to seasoned professionals. Visit our short training page to see all courses we offer.

We offer consulting services in environmental and engineering geophysics. We can help you locate buried underground storage tanks (USTs), map zones of groundwater hydrocarbon contamination, map underground sinkholes, map the aquifer, and much more. Visit our environmental and engineering services page to see how we can use geophysics to help your company.

We also offer consulting services in mineral exploration. We can help acquire, process, and interpret potential field data (gravity and magnetics), spontaneous potential (SP) and induced polarization (IP) data. Visit our mineral exploration page to see more about the services we offer in this space.